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How to Love Someone with Bipolar Disorder

It takes a special person to love someone with bipolar. You must be kind and unwavering, compassionate and strong, sensitive and thick skinned, spontaneous and steadfast. You must be aware of, and in touch with, both poles of yourself so you can have empathy for the peaks and valleys your partner will inevitably cycle through.

You have to love with an unguarded heart while still protecting yourself. You have to trust the good times and fight through the tough. It isn't easy and you might feel like giving up is the only option from time to time but if you persevere, if you rise up through the depths, if you become the light in the darkness, the reward is worth the struggle, because loving someone with bipolar can be a beautiful adventure.

Loving someone with bipolar means you will laugh until you can't breathe, you will travel to every corner of the world, normal days will be nothing short of spectacular, and you will never find yourself stagnant. There will be dark days, strong emotions, tears, and frustrations but you will overcome them together. Your strengths will fill the spaces where they are lacking, their passion will fuel your soul, and you will never find yourself seeking comfort elsewhere. Your previously wandering hearts will be bound together by an unbreakable bond reinforced with emotional energy, vulnerability, raw experiences, and unbridled love.

You will captivate each other and never be captives. You will swim in deep waters and never drown. You will fly higher than you have ever been and never fall. You will climb the tallest mountains and never grow tired. You will feel so intensely and never be weary. You will love most ardently and never go numb. Yes, loving someone with bipolar can be difficult but hear me when I say, it is well worth the fight.

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