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The Gravity of Grace

Grace. Say that word out loud. Let it roll off your tongue and soak back into your soul. Please, please don't let it pass through you without understanding the gravity and utter severity of Grace.

Take. It. Seriously.

Listen. Listen like your very existence depends on it. I promise you, you have never felt more alive than you will when you truly understand Grace.

Grace moves me when movement seems unbearable.

Grace lights my skin on fire without any desire to put it out.

Grace envelops me in a cool comfort that I never knew I needed.

Grace anchors me and gives me complete freedom.

Grace is an all consuming, unbelievable, impossible, enigma and I am entirely overwhelmed by it.

Grace is not forceful or intrusive, it is not spiteful or manipulative.

Grace makes my bones ache and my soul shatter and when I'm good and broken it puts me back together, piece by damaged piece, stronger, steadier, wiser, balanced, and unsettlingly poised.

Grace gives without an ounce of expectation.

Grace pours everything into me and does not complain about being left dry.

Grace requires humility but never seeks to embarrass.

Grace demands forgiveness even when an apology is never made.

Grace never falters, even in extenuating circumstances.

Grace is more powerful than you will ever have to be.

Become familiar with Grace. Hold it in your heart. Struggle with it if you have to. Fight with it. Grow with it. Just be sure you let it in your life. Keep it with you. Don't forget about it. Don't turn your back on it.

Use Grace every chance you get. Use it in every moment of every day in every opportunity.

Do not judge others who don't know Grace. Show them the impact Grace can have on their lives.

Above all, let Grace transform you into a better version of yourself and refuse to ever go back.

Over the last few years Grace has had a profound impact on my life and has completely changed the way I interact with others.

The best part about Grace is that you don't have to earn it, you don't really even deserve it, but it will always be there for you.

As glorious as Grace can be to receive, imagine how fulfilling it can be to give Grace.

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